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Hell Yeah! Thank you Milwaukee Bucks!



     It’s hell being a Bucks fan.  I luckily get to talk on the radio for a living, but guess what people rarely want to talk about? The Bucks. I find pockets of fans that can gather to talk about the Bucks with me. We do it in the shadows, under our breaths, with twinkles in our eyes to achieving something that hasn’t been there for awhile.

     This year has been hell. Issue number one, out of all them, at least to me, the head banging with Larry Sanders. Look Larry, I want you to be good. I’m glad you like Milwaukee. I think we want to embrace you, but chill out, however you want. (hopefully not leading to another suspension). Play winning basketball. Understand the building block piece you are. Be cool. All this works out, but you gotta be available.  This is a long term plan. Remember all that money the Bucks gave you? That’s because you are needed long term. So, relax, play hard basketball. I know it’s been hard, but it’s hard for everybody. You know it’s hard for your coach, so my advice…make it easier for him. 

     Hell, at least this team played hard. (Mostly.) It’s one thing to be terrible because you just don’t have pieces. It’s another when you have a bunch of guys who don’t care and decide not to show up. I applaud the guys that did. Now, it’s fixed in a way, as this roster is full of guys who are looking for work, either more of it in Milwaukee or on someone else’s squad. Something Bucks fans and generally all fans in Wisconsin can appreciate is when players compete. Doing their best to make it competitive, this team couldn’t beat teams because they were bad. Not (always) because they didn’t try.

     The draft pick doesn’t guarantee you a ticket out of hell. This is how bad it is. Luck plays an incredibly huge role in the lottery and the draft, which puts this whole plan on shaky ground. The player, even if it is the first pick, doesn’t mean Milwaukee becomes a realistic “contender” next year. It rarely works that way. The goal is that the pick solidifies the direction. The pick should provide a buzz, or energy, in a way even Giannis couldn’t do. It’s not instantaneous, which makes some confused over the whole idea of why “they finished the way they did a good thing”, a good thing.  It’s bigger than they are imagining, and Bucks fans know this. It’s why new ownership, new arena, top pick, are all critical in this movement. Because…

     Wouldn’t it be hell, if the Bucks, and their Draft pick…turn a city into an exciting, youthful, contender?? Imagine Sonics fans watching OKC for a preview. So…for this season…

     Thank you Milwaukee Bucks. I know it’s incredibly tough. I feel for the players and coaches who show up to work to lose. It has to zap any sort of energy and enthusiasm that is there. I applaud the efforts you did give. I also applaud the fact that you have yourself in the best position to help the franchise positively, in a long time. And if you don’t…

     There’ll be hell to pay.


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