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LISTEN: Barry Alvarez Weighs in on Ron Dayne

LISTEN: Barry Alvarez Weighs in on Ron Dayne

University of Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez joined the show Wednesday to talk Ron Dayne’s election to the College Football Hall of Fame and the Big Ten realignment.

When he saw Ron Dayne in high school, did he have an idea of how successful he would be?

“You know with the style of play and quality of film that you saw, there’s no way that you could envision that or foresee the success that he would have, but you could see that he was really special, that he had unbelievable speed for his size. And when they backed him away from the football, you could see his vision… Just how fast he was in his bursts, we knew we had someone special.

How would Dayne fit in with today’s game?

“I don’t think there’d be any difference. You know, look at what we’re running. I’m looking at our team. I’m looking at the teams that run zone… It’s basically the same things that he ran when he played for us… All Ron needs is the ball in his hands.”

On the Hall of Fame nominees:

“It was funny during our breaks. We went through, I forget how many, but we went through every person… it’s kind of redundant. Every guy that comes up, someone around the table would say ‘Well he was a hell of a player.’ Well no kidding! He’s an All-American, he’s a first-team All-American… I think we had 3 or 4 Heisman Trophy winners. One of the Heisman Trophy winners did make it. So that tells you the competition was very stiff.”

On the Big Ten realignment:

“I really like it. I think it’ll be good for our fans. We save our natural rivalries. You know, you save an Iowa. I did not like the fact that we weren’t playing Iowa every year. We kept Minnesota. I think we have built a natural rivalry with Nebraska… I think it’s fan-friendly… A kid will go through his 4 or 5 years here and have a chance to play everyone in the league. So I think it’s very good.”


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