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The Badgers are preparing for their first scrimmage on Monday.  Tom Mulhern from the Wisconsin State Journal shared his observations and thoughts regarding the first few practices of the season, including an interesting new technique used by the coaches.

 Mulhern on the coaches' new technique:

They had all three units marching down the field at the same time, the ones, the twos, and then the threes.  They hurried to the line of scrimmage, got aligned then ran a play as quickly as they could.  Then they sprinted about 15 yards down the field, put the ball down, and then ran another play, while the twos filled in behind them, then the threes. They marched all the way down the field with the coaches doing an extreme amount of yelling, then turned around and came back. So you’re getting the conditioning aspect, really being pushed hard by the coaches, but you also had to get lined up correctly and run a play. It wasn’t just the conditioning component; it was the mental aspect too.  It was pretty smart. I’ve never seen that, and I thought it was an interesting twist.

 Mulhern on the quarterbacks:

I do think each of them have different strengths and that each of them have different weaknesses as well. I haven’t seen a lot of differences out of Phillips and Stave that we didn’t know pretty much going in. Phillips is pretty smart and he’s going to make a lot of really good decisions.  He still has a little bit of running ability despite the issues with the three ACLs. Stave is a good thrower. He’s best in the pocket when he has time and can set his feet, but he struggles a little bit with blitzes and pressure. Then when he has to adjust and move in the pocket he’s not as accurate. McEvoy is what’s been advertised. He’s a good athlete. We saw him yesterday break the pocket and get out in the open, and that guy can eat up yards in a hurry with that effortless stride. He hasn’t run a whole lot so we haven’t seen a lot of that, but I think he has some work to do in the passing lane.  Then I think Bart Houston has the best arm of them all, yet it hurt him to miss almost all of last year.  He’s just so
far behind I don’t know if he can get in the race yet.  I want to reserve this until I seem them in scrimmage, but I think the passing game is overall sharper and crisper, and they are throwing it pretty decently.

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